It started from 15…

Freddy Lim started experimenting with graphic designing by himself at 15 and was enrolled in the Temasek School of Design in Singapore years later. During that time (2006), he was awarded the Entrepreneurship Talent Development Fund to start his design studio and fashion brand. Since then, he has been working, collaborating and advising with various companies in different industries.


Designing on various mediums since 2004, Freddy is always looking for the next challenge and is always trying to perfect his art of visual communication.

To convey a message without words is truly a beautiful thing.

Beatboxing and Entertainment

In 2007, Freddy picked up beatboxing and has been featured in many performances from 2010. At that time, he was also featured in various acts overseas and have been travelling for shows around Asia.

Director & Producer

Over time, Freddy delved deeper into the entertainment industry and began emceeing and doing television work. Behind the scenes, he was also directed and produced a few works with Fashion One Television (Bigfoot Entertainment).


Freddy started livestreaming in 2016 on BigoLive and was ranked as one of the top streamers in Singapore. He did programs like cooking, music, variety, talk shows and was featured in several news outlets there. After 2 years, Freddy stopped livestreaming to pursue regional revitalization in Japan.

Back in 2020

Ending his work with regional revitalization in Awaji Island and Kyoto, Freddy moved to Tokyo to look for the next opportunity and began livestreaming again!
Now, you can watch his streams almost daily at 00:00, midnight (GMT+9)!
Check out the LIVESTREAM page for links.